Doctor creates cellulite video series

For the months of January and February, Dr. Barry Lycka, cosmetic dermatologist, will be hosting a four part video series on cellulite. The videos will cover what cellulite is, the causes and potential treatments.

Approximately 85 percent of women over the age of 20 develop this skin condition. While the condition is common, scientists and doctors are still learning and exploring the causes and potential treatments.

One potential new cellulite treatment in the American market is Cellulaze. The cellulite reduction treatment may increase skin thickness up to 25 percent and skin elasticity up to 29 percent. 

Featuring a 92.5 percent patient satisfaction rate, Cellulaze shows promise as a premier cellulite reduction treatment that could save women from those embarrassing dimples marring their skin.

The more informed women are about the condition, the better equipped they'll be to combat its effects. Cellulite is not caused by obesity and many skinny women can develop those unfortunate dimples. However, increased hydration and physical activity can help reduce the appearance of cellulite when combined with a cellulite reduction treatment.


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